Why Intent Matters in Social Media Marketing

Why Intent Matters in Social Media Marketing

Marketing must be done with purpose. Intent marketing is a concept focused on the use of the consumer’s intent to make a purchase or engage in an offer, whether that intent has been implied or made explicit. By utilizing this ideology, a better return on investment is typically seen due to the diminished need to create awareness about the need for or usefulness of products and services in the minds of consumers prior to their making a purchase.

SocialCentiv is a software that combs through the social media conversations taking place among one’s target audience to distinguish between consumers who have expressed a preference or need for what one has to offer and those who have not. The tool then aids in establishing a connection with those who have expressed an intent to make a purchase of, consume, or adopt a relevant item by making them an offer and following up with an incentive for sharing it.

What qualifies intent-based marketing?

To produce best results, three attributes should be present. Optimally, intent-based marketing should be the following:

  1. Consumer driven- it should be based on whatever intent the consumer is expressing
  2. Specific- the special offer shared with consumers should match their expressed intent
  3. Immediate- the special offer should be shared shortly after the consumer declares an expressed intent


When all three of these attributes are combined, the true power of intent-based marketing is displayed. It is what every marketer dreams of- being there for the consumer with the right product or service, in the right place, and at the right time.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.