Why Marketing on Twitter Matters

Why marketing on twitter matters - SocialCentivYou might have read our recent post on tips for Twitter marketing, but let's level it up on why marketing on Twitter even matters. We gave you 12 tips on how to use Twitter for marketing, but one question remains: why should you use Twitter as a marketing tool?

When it comes to social strategies for small businesses, it can be overwhelming to determine which social media platforms work best. Twitter can get left in the dark at times due to the fact that businesses perceive it as being geared toward a younger audience, and not necessarily useful for particular industries. However, stats show that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Facts

There are 302 million monthly active users currently on Twitter. Of those, 80% of them are on mobile, meaning that they have the ability to be tweeting from wherever they are. This is one of the reasons that SocialCentiv capitalizes on targeted locations, so that businesses can incorporate true potential consumers in a given area for their Twitter strategy. As of 2015, it’s expected that one fifth of internet users in the US are expected to have Twitter accounts, and that the average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Further more, over one-third of Twitter users will actually buy from a brand they follow on the microblogging platform. But the real kicker? For those that are concerned that Twitter houses too young of an audience, stats show that there's a good representation of various ages, from 18 to 65+.

But Why Twitter?

Why do users like Twitter so much, and why might they prefer being reached out to by a company on Twitter versus other social platforms? Twitter is used by people of various ages due to it being the top source of news and its ability to act as a real-time search engine. Real-time is the key word here. Because Twitter lives in a right here, right now virtual world, The social media platform humanizes companies when used for marketing purposes. Companies can provide customer service in real-time and respond to problems and praise as soon as it occurs.

Overall, Twitter is a more-interactive digital marketing platform due to its 140-character limit and hashtag concept. Consumers typically enjoy being reached out to by brands, and happily engage in relevant conversations. They’re also more likely to see these conversations, due to the fact that--unlike Facebook--a Tweet from a user shows up on every follower’s feed.

Lastly, Twitter is being encouraged by the masses. Watch a new episode of a TV show, and you’re likely to see the show’s personal hashtag and/or Twitter handle in the corner, so that you can live-tweet what you’re watching. 50% of the Super Bowl ads this year featured a hashtag of some sort, dubbing it the “Hashtag Bowl.” Go to a restaurant, and you’re likely to see mention of the company’s Twitter handle somewhere at your table. Subscribe to an email list for one of your favorite store brands, and don’t be surprised when they send you an email about their Twitter-exclusive deals and discounts.

The Takeaway

The point-blank fact is that using Twitter as a marketing tool is necessary for businesses of all sizes and services simply because that’s where people are. No sense fishing in a dried-up pond when you have an ocean full of fish just waiting for you to cast.

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