Why Twitter Marketing is Hotter Than Jennifer Lawrence


Source: Intrigue

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, but she better watch out because Twitter marketing is about to set the world on fire. Move over J.Law; there’s a new girl in town and she’s hotter than Katniss on fire. Here’s why Twitter marketing is hotter than Jennifer Lawrence:

Twitter marketing will never fall short

Jennifer Lawrence is known for tripping and making a scene at award shows. She sometimes loses her balance and falls short of expectations at important times. Luckily, Twitter marketing will never subject you to this embarrassment because Twitter marketing is a proven method for reaching customers quickly and increasing sales in a balanced manner—especially when accompanied by tools like SocialCentiv.

Twitter marketing keeps it classy

Twitter marketing keeps things professional and gives your company a positive image. Jennifer Lawrence sometimes needs a filter for her interviews and tweets, in which she often offends people, but this would never happen in Twitter marketing, because you’re in control. Twitter marketing allows your business to market your product and keep things professional, no filter needed. You’ll never find Twitter marketing telling Miley Cyrus to get it together, because she’s too focused on her own success and class.

Twitter marketing is original

Jennifer Lawrence stunned fans when she began dating Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex husband, recently following Paltrow’s and Martin’s “conscious uncoupling”. Unlike J.Law, Twitter marketing is all about businesses bringing originality to the table, and not associating themselves with the competition’s leftovers.

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