Why Twitter Marketing Isn’t as Hard As You Think It Is

Why Twitter Marketing Isn’t as Hard As You Think It Is

Author: Sierra Uselton, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

Marketing on Twitter isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There are ways to market your company on Twitter that are so simple you’ll wonder why you’ve just now started!

Make use of your Twitter bio

Give the company an identity with a carefully crafted Twitter bio. This will give anyone who views your profile a summary about your business. Include a URL to your company’s website or blog in your Twitter bio to help drive traffic.

Tweet regularly

The more action and feed you give to your followers, the more interaction you will have. Get customers excited about your product and get them talking about it.

Don’t be shy and ask for some #Twitterlove

Ask followers to retweet, mention, or favorite your tweets to get your name on more Twitter logs.

Respond to Tweets

Everyone on Twitter thinks it’s cool when a company or business tweets to them. Most of the time they will retweet and respond back, generating more buzz for your small business.

Follow trends and #hashtags

Find ways to connect the trends and popular hashtags to your business. By putting your business among those trending topics, your handle will be visible when people search tweets for that specific hashtag.

Use images and pictures

Making your tweets more visually friendly will make consumers want to interact with you more. Plain text tweets don’t get near as much response or action as those with visuals.

Integrate your Twitter account with your other social media sites

Linking all of your sites together will make your work easier and less time consuming. You will also gain more friends, followers, etc. because people will be able to find your social media sites easily.

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics can help you understand what is and what isn’t being noticed on your profile. With the Twitter Analytics dashboard, you will be able to see what days are the best to Tweet, the types of content most favored, and the demographics of the followers that you are attracting.

Rely on a Twitter marketing tool

Twitter marketing tools, like SocialCentiv, allow businesses to listen to what users are saying about their business (and their products and services). SocialCentiv makes it easy for small business owners to find nearby consumers in real time using social media. The software identifies conversations in which consumers have expressed intent to purchase products or services relevant to a business’ offerings. Using the Twitter marketing app, small business owners can reach out to these consumers (by replying to the consumer’s flagged Tweet) and share a special offer that incentivizes them to complete a purchase.

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