You Are What You Tweet: Representing Your Business on Social Media

You Are What You Tweet Centiv


You've probably heard the horror stories—you know, the ones about businesses that “accidentally” tweet inappropriate images or use a harsher tone than intended, causing a horrible rep that loses tons of followers and, therefore, customers. You're likely much more cautious in your social media marketing endeavors than they are, but while caution is good, too much of it can lose customer interest. Maintain a balance with these tips to properly represent your business on social media:

Adhere to your company's philosophy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media is to treat your involvement on it like it's a separate, less important part of your job. Social media marketing, whether or not it’s in your actual job description, brings in new customers and, if approached correctly, can dramatically increase your click-through sales rate. Think about the goals you have for your business and employ them on social media to increase your chances of success.

Be human

Yes, you're already a human Tweeting about your business—but do your followers know that? While it's important to post about your services, it's even more important to bring a little personality into your Tweets. Don't be afraid to be funny, post fun facts or share pictures. Give your business a voice with which your Follower can easily connect.

Think before you Tweet

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience's attention, so you don't want to waste that time by rubbing them the wrong way. Make a list of words that have positive connotations and another list of words that have negative connotations. For example, the word “inexpensive” might go on the positive connotation list, while “cheap” might go on the negative one. Review the positive list before posting anything and mark the negative one “Don't Use.”

If you can't say something nice...

You should NEVER be bad-mouthing your competitors where you customers can “hear” you. Slandering the competition makes your business seem petty and unprofessional. The best way to make your business seem like the better option is to pay attention to what your competitors are doing right and wrong on social media and using that knowledge to enhance your strategy and your services.


Review and edit your posts

While the chances of eliminating every single typo and grammatical error in your posts are slim, it's important to review your messages for errors before posting them. Typos are just another setback that make your business seem unprofessional and your competitors more desirable.

Activate customer service mode

Use social media to “hear” what your customers are saying about your services. Seriously consider their concerns and deal with their discontentment the same way you would in person. Appreciate their praise by sharing their posts (which is the best kind of advertising you can do for your services).

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